How Apuleius ridinge into Thessalie fortuned to fall
into companie with twoo straungers, that reasoned
together of the mighty power of Witches

AS I fortuned to take my voiage into Thessalie, about
certaine affaires whiche I had to doo (for there mine
auncestrie, by my mothers side inhabiteth, descended of
the ligne of that most excellent person Plutarche, and
of Sextus: the philosopher his Nephew, whiche is to us a
great woorshippe and honour): And after that by much
travell and great paine, I had passed over the high
mountaines and slipperie valleis, and had ridden
thorough the cloggy fallowed fieldes, perceivinge
that my horse did waxe somewhat slowe, and to
the intent likewise, I might repose and strengthen
my self, (beinge wery with ridinge) I lighted of my
horse, and wipinge away the sweate from every parte
of his bodie, I unbridled him, and walked him softly
in my hande, to the ende he might pisse, and ease
him selfe of his werines, and travell: And while he
wente grasinge freshly in the fielde (castinge his head
sometimes aside as a token of rejoysing and gladnes)
I perceived a litle before me twoo compaignions rid-
inge, and so I overtakinge them made the third: And
while I listened to heare their communication, the
one of them laughed and mocked his fellow: saiyng,
leave of I pray thee and speake no more, for I cannot

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