abide to heare thee tell such absurde and incredible
lies: Which when I heard, I desired to heare some
newes, and said: I pray you Maisters make me par-
taker of your talke, that am not so curious, as desir-
ous to know all your communication: So shall we
shorten our journey, and easely passe this high hill
before us, by merry and pleasant talke: but he that
laughed before at his felowe, said againe: verely this
tale is as true, as if a man would say, that by Sorcerie
and inchauntment the floodes might be enforced to
run against their course: the seas to be immoveable:
the ayre to lacke the blowinge of windes: the Sunne
to be restrained from his naturall race: the Moone
to purge his skumme upon hearbes and trees, to serve
for sorceries: the Starres to be pulled from heaven,
the day to be darkened, and the darke night to con-
tinew still. Then I, beinge more desirouse to heare
his talke then his companions, said: I pray you, that
beganne to tell your tale even now, leave not of so,
but tell the residewe. And turning to the other, I
saide: You perhaps that are of an obstinate minde
and grosse eares, mocke and contemne those thinges
whiche are reported for truth, know you not, that it is
accounted untrew by the prave opinion of men, which
either is rarely seene, seldome heard, or that passeth
the capacitie of mans reason, whiche if it be more
narrowly skanned, you shall not onely finde it evi-
dent and plaine, but also very easie to be brought to

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