too late, nay rather forthwith, of his former untemperate
language, and his present curiosity. Which words when I
heard I fell into a cold sweat, and my heart trembled with
feare, insomuch that the bed over me did likewise rattle
and shake. Then spake Panthia unto Meroe and said,
Sister let us by and by teare him in pieces, or tye him by
the members, and so cut them off. Then Meroe (being
so named because she was a Taverner, and loved wel good
wines) answered, Nay rather let him live, and bury the
corps of this poore wretch in some hole of the earth;
and therewithall shee turned the head of Socrates on
the other side, and thrust her sword up to the hilts into
the left part of his necke, and received the bloud that
gushed out, into a pot, that no drop thereof fell beside:
which things I saw with myne owne eyes, and as I thinke
to the intent she might alter nathing that pertained to
sacrifice, which she accustomed to make, she thrust her
hand downe into the intrals of his body, and searching
about, at length brought forth the heart of my miserable
companion Socrates, who having his throat cut in such
sort, yeelded out a doleful cry and gave up the ghost.
Then Panthia stopped the wide wound of his throat with
the Sponge, and said, O Sponge sprung and made of the
sea, beware that thou passe not by running River.

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