This being sayd, the one of them moved and turned up my bed,
and then they strid over mee, and clapped their buttocks
upon my face, and and bepissed mee till I was wringing wet.
When this was ended they went their wayes, and the
doores closed fast, the posts stood in their old places, and
the lockes and bolts were shut againe. But I that lay upon
the ground like one without soule, naked and cold, and
wringing wet with pisse, like to one that were more than
halfe dead, yet reviving my selfe, and appointed as I
thought for the Gallowes, began to say, Alasse what shall
become of me tomorrow, when my companion shall be
found murthered here in the chamber? To whom shall
I seeme to tell any similitude of truth, when as I shal tell
the trueth in deed? They will say, If thou wert unable to
resist the violence of the women, yet shouldest thou have
cried for helpe; Wouldst thou suffer the man to be
slaine before thy face and say nothing? Or why did they
not slay thee likewise? Why did they spare thee that
stood by and saw them commit that horrible fact?
Wherefore although thou hast escaped their hands, yet
thou shalt not escape ours. While I pondered these things
with my selfe the night passed on, and so I resolved to
take my horse before day, and goe forward on my journey.

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