the stinke of the pisse wherwith those hegges had
embrued me, thrust me away and said clense thy
selfe from that filthy odour, and then he began
gentely to enquire how that noysome sente happened
unto me, but I (finely feigninge and couloringe the
matter for the time) did breake of his talke, and toke
him by the hande and saide, why tarrie we? why leese
we the pleasure of this faire morning? Let us goe,
and so I toke up my pacquette, and paide the charges
of the house and departed: and we had not gone a
mile out of the towne but it was broade day, and
then I diligently looked upon Socrates throate to see
if I could espie the place where Meroe thrust in her
swoorde, but when I could not perceave any such
thinge, I thought with my selfe what a madde man
am I, that (beinge overcome with wine yesternight)
have dreamed such terrible thinges: Behold I see
Socrates is sound, salve and in health, where is his
wounde? where is the sponge? where is his great
and newe cutte? and then I spake to him and saide :
verely it is not without occasion that Phisitions of
experience doth affirme, that such as fill their gorges
abundantly with meate and drinke shall dreame of
dire and horrible sightes, for I my selfe (not tempryng
mine appetite yesternight from the pottes of wine)
did seeme to see this night strange and cruell visions,
that even yet I thinke my selfe sprinkled and wette
with humaine bloud: whereunto Socrates laughing,
made answeare and saide: Nay thou arte not wette
with the bloud of men, but thou art embrued with
stinkinge pisse: and verely I my selfe dreamed this
night, that my throate was cutte and that I felt the
paine of the wounde, and that my harte was pulled
out of my bellie, and the remembrance thereof
makes me nowe to feare, for my knees doo tremble
that I can uneth goe any further, and therefore

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