is increased so bigge, that she seemeth as though
would bring foorth some great Oliphant, whiche when
it was knowen abroade and published thorough out
al the towne, they toke indignation against her, and
ordeined that the next day she should most cruelly
be stoned to death, whiche purpose of theirs she
prevented by the vertue of her enchauntmentes, and
as Medea (who obtained of Kinge Creon but one
daies respite before her departure) did burne all his
house, him, and his doughter, so she (by her conjura-
tions and invocations of sprites, whiche she useth in a
certaine hole in her house, as she her selfe declared
unto me the next day followinge) closed all the per-
sons of the towne so sure in their howses, and with
such violence of power, that for the space of two
daies, they coulde not come foorth, nor open their
gates nor doores, nor breake downe their walles,
whereby they weare enforced by mutuall consent to
crie unto her, and to binde them selves (streictly) by
othes, that they would never afterwardes molest or
hurt her, and moreover, if any did offer her any
injurie they would be ready to defende her, where-
upon she (moved at their promises, and stirred by
pitie) released all the towne. But she conveied the
principall Authour of this ordinance about midnight,
with all his house, the walles, the grounde, and the
foundation, into an other towne, distant from thense
a hundred miles, situate and beinge on the toppe of a
high hill, and by reason thereof destitute of water,
and because the edifices and houses weare so nighe
builded together, that it was not possible for the
house to stande there, she threwe downe the same
before the gate of the towne. Then spake I and
said: O my friende Socrates, you have declared unto
me many mervelous thinges and straunge chaunces,
and moreover stroken me with no small trouble of

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