minde, yea rather with great feare, lest the same old
woman usinge the like practise, should fortune to
here all our communication: wherefore let us now
sleepe, and after that we have taken our rest, let us
rise betime in the morninge, and ride away from hens
before day, as far as we may possible.




How Socrates and Aristomenus slept together in one
chamber, and how they were handled by Witches

IN speakinge these wordes, and devisinge with my selfe
of our departing the next morrow, least Meroe the
Witche should play by us, as she had done by divers
other persons: It fortuned that Socrates did fall a sleape,
and slept very soundly, by reason of his travell and
plentie of meate and wine, wherewithall he had filled
him selfe. Wherefore I closed and barred fast the
doores of the chamber, and put my bedde behinde the
doore, and so laide me downe to rest, but I could in
no wise sleape for the great feare which was in my
harte, untill it was about midnight, and then I began
to slomber: but alas, beholde sodenly the chamber
doores brake open, the lockes, boltes and postes fell
downe, that you would verely have thought, that some
theeves had ben presently come to have spoiled and
robbed us. And my bedde whereon I laye beinge a
trockle bed, fashioned in forme of a cradle, and one
of the feete broken and rotten, by violence was turned
upside downe, and I likewise was overwhelmed and
covered liyng in the same. Then perceaved I in my
selfe, that certaine affectes of the minde by nature

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