How Socrates in his returne from Macedonie to
Larissa, was spoiled and robbed, and how he fell
acquainted with one Meroe a Witche

ALAS poore miser that I am, that for the onely desire
to see a game of triall of weapons, am fallen into these
miseries and wretched snares of misfortune. For in my
retorne from Macedonie, whereas I solde all my
wares, and plaied the marchant by the space of tenne
monethes, a litle before that I came to Larissa, I
turned out of the way to view the situation of the
countrey there, and beholde in the bottom of a deepe
valley, I was sodenly environed with a company of
theeves, who robbed and spoiled me, of such thinges
as I had, and yet woulde hardely suffer me to escape.
But I (beinge in such extremitie) in the ende, was
happely delivered from their cruell handes, and so I
fortuned to come to the house of an old woman
that solde wine, called Meroe: who had her tongue
sufficiently instructed to flattery: unto whome I
opened the causes of my longe peregrination and
carefull travell, and of mine unlucky adventure:
and after that I had declared unto her such thinges
as then presently came to my remembraunce, she
gentely entertained me, and made me good chere:
and by and by beinge pricked by carnall desire, she
brought mee to her own bedde chamber, whereas I
(poore miser) (the very first night of our liying
together) did purchase to my selfe this miserable face,
and for her lodging I gave her such apparell as the
theeves left to cover me withall.

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