light of this Sunne that shineth here, that those
thinges whiche I shall tell be trewe, least when you
come to the next Citie called Thessalie, you should
doubte any thinge, of that whiche is rife in the
mouthes of every person, and done before the face
of all men: And that I may first make relation
unto you, what, and who I am, and whither I goe,
and for what purpose: know ye, that I am of Egin,
travelinge these countries about from Thessaly to
Etolia, and from Etolia to Boetia, to provide for
hony, cheese, and other victuales to sell againe : And
understanding, that at Hippata (which is the princi-
pall Citie of all Thessalie) is accustomed to be solde
newe cheeses of exceedinge good taste and relishe, I
fortuned on a day to goe thither, to make my market
there, but (as it often happeneth) I came in an evill
houre, for one Lupus a purveiour had bought and
engrossed up all the daie before, and so I was deceaved.
Wherefore, towardes night (being very wery) I went
to the baines to refreshe my selfe, and beholde, I
fortuned to espie my compaignion Socrates sittinge
upon the grounde, covered with a torne and course
mantell, who was so meigre and of so sallowe and
miserable a countenance, that I scantly knew him:
for fortune had brought him into such estate and
calamitie, that he verely seemed as a common begger,
that standeth in the streetes to crave the benevolence
of the passers by: Towardes whome (how be it he
was my singuler friende and familiar acquaintance,
yet halfe in despayre) I drewe nie, and said: Alas my
Socrates, what meaneth this? how fareth it with
thee? what crime hast thou committed? verely there
is great lamentation and weepinge made for thee at
home: Thy children are in warde by decree of the
provinciall judge: thy wife (havinge ended her
mourninge time in lamentable wise with face and

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