slaine before thy face and say nothinge? Or why
did not they slea thee likewise? why did they spare
thee that stoode by and saw them committe that
horrible facte? wherefore although thou hast escaped
their handes, yet thou shalt not escape ours. While
I pondred these thinges with my selfe, the night
passed on: And so I thought best to take my horse
before day, and goe forwarde in my journey. How
be it the waies were unknowen unto me, and there-
upon I toke up my pacquet, unlocked and unbarred
the doores, but those good and faithfull doores whiche
in the night did open of their owne accorde, coulde
then scantly be opened with their keies. And when
I was out I cried ho sira, Osteler, where arte thou,
open the stable doore, for I will ride away by and
by. The Osteler liyng behinde the stable doore
upon a pallet, and halfe a sleape, what (quoth he)
doo not you know that the waies be very dangerous?
what meane you to rise at this time of night? If
you perhaps (giltie of some heynous crime) be werie
of your life, yet thinke you not that we are suche
sottes that we will die for you. Then said I, it is
welny day, and moreover what can theeves take from
him that hath nothinge? doest not thou know (foole
as thou arte) that if thou be naked, if tenne Giantes
should assaile thee, they coulde not spoile or robbe
thee? Whereunto the drowsie Osteler halfe a sleape,
and turninge on the other side, answeared: what
know I whether you have murdred your compaignion
whome you brought in yesternight or no, and now
seke the meanes to escape away. 0 Lord, at that
time I remember, that the earth seemed to open, and
that I sawe at hell gate the dogge Cerberus gaping to
devoure me, and then I verely believed, that Meroe
did not spare my throate, moved with pitie, but
rather cruelly pardoned me to bringe me to the

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